Heartland Revival

Changes in 2016

Amber BransonComment

Yes, I am alive! Yes, it's been a while! I thought I would share what I've been up to lately and some new directions I'm taking Heartland Revival. Since last summer, I've:
1) Been hired on as a Wellness Coach for a Fortune 500 Company
2) Started my second bachelor's at ASU, studying Integrative Health
3) Spent time gardening, traveling and enjoying my fur-babies, family and friends

Now for 2 more changes coming in 2016: 

  • I have become a consultant for Neal's Yard Organics, a U.K. based Organic skin care company. To best explain why I am so passionate about the company, I’ve included a tidbit directly from NYR: “NYR Organic is the direct sales division of Neal's Yard Remedies, the UK's leading brand for scientifically formulated, ethical, effective, natural health and beauty. The comprehensive range of award winning, certified organic products is handmade in our eco-factory in the southwest of England, using our own 'home grown' and sustainably sourced, certified organic ingredients.” To visit my shop, and to learn more click here or visit the SHOP NYR ORGANIC button at the top of the site.

  • As part of my shift with Heartland Revival, I am going to start focusing on featuring the amazing, local Holistic products and services we have in the area on the blog, as well as, events and workshops I'm hosting. I've got some fun features in the works so stay tuned for more! 

In Good Health,