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Self Care Schedule (free printable)

Amber BransonComment

Recently, I listened to a talk by Jennifer Louden called "Create a Life You Love" in which she speaks about establishing minimum daily requirements for self care to keep centered and grounded. They aren't goals or have-to's but simply basic things that help keep us sane and that honor our true selves. I know it can be hard sometimes to image giving yourself time out of your busy day so I've come up with a weekly reminder for you to print out and keep on your fridge, at your desk, etc.

There are no rules for what you write down, just come up with three things to do for yourself everyday. My Self Care Schedule may include: walking my dog, drinking lots of water, having tea with a friend, going to Yoga. You can write the same three things everyday, or write down something completely different for each day of the week.

Just remember, these aren't have-to's, just gentle prompts to take some time for "you" everyday.

Click HERE to download the free printable.